We’ve always been distributed with the requisite that anyone can work anywhere. But now we’re working fully remote, we’ve seen a huge amplification in the amount of content in our communication channels. We’re also spending an increasing amount of time on Zoom calls, with some of the team and friends we’re speaking to, reporting that they feel less productive. In this episode, David and Mark discuss some of the methods they’re using to overcome this, like implementing short daily stand-ups and how to do this well. Why long Slack threads should often be quick calls, and how we can lean into the medium of live and recorded audio or video, in order to be heard. Plus a quick note on the side product ScreenCloud Signal we’ve created to help separate what’s most important from Slack or Microsoft Teams, into one consumable content queue. 




Show notes:

Find out about ScreenCloud: screencloud.com  

Connect with David Hart or Mark McDermott on LinkedIn.

Get in touch: hello@screencloud.com 

Get an early look at Signal: screen.cloud/signal 

Study on employee video-watching habits

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