We’ve talked a great deal about how, as a startup grows and builds out new departments and structures, there will be more chaos and disconnection. So how do you solve this problem and get more organized while scaling your business? This is where the Cadence comes in. It’s an operating philosophy coined by David Sacks, Founder of Yammer and former COO of PayPal. 


The Cadence synchronizes major functions of a SaaS startup and runs them on a quarterly cycle so that teams can better communicate and collaborate. Under this concept, Sales and Finance are on one calendar, while Product and Marketing are on another. 


In this episode, Mark and David explain why they decided to adopt the Cadence for ScreenCloud, what is working for us, and where the Cofounders think this approach can improve upon. They also promise a more detailed review of ScreenCloud's implementation of the Cadence in six months, so stay tuned!


Show notes:


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